Oct 30, 2007

Delhi Half Marathon 2007

We (RAHI) ran at the Delhi Marathon on Oct 28th, 2007. It was quite an experience carrying the RAHI Banners and placards as we ran and mostly walked the entire 7 km stretch, gaining quite a bit of attention from curious onlookers who wanted to know more about the organisation.

RAHI deals with Child Sexual Abuse. It works with adult women survivors of incest and childhood sexual abuse and offers services that are uniquely important to their recovery process.

Anuja Gupta and Ashwini Aliawadi are the founders of this organisation and have become very dear friends of mine. They are among the lovliest people I am ever going to get to know. And I really do want to thank them for giving me an opportunity to be assocaited with their work.

The group includes: Deepika, Abha, Shubhra, Mukul, Anuja, Ashwini and Me.
RAHI – Recovering and Healing from Incest