Jan 30, 2007

Republic Day Euphoria!

I was invited to Sshristhi for the Republic Day celebrations. I reached there just-in-time (*Yes, the kids called me up as a reminder*) else the lazy me would have missed most of it. I was simply overwhelmed by the wonderful show these kids had put up. These lil things (age varying from 4-14 yrs) managed to stage a play on girl education, numerous colourful dances, group songs and solo performances. I was quite amazed at the energy I felt around me and the excitement was infectious.

I clicked a few pictures that are displayed below, in my effort to capture the euphoric moment!

Jan 3, 2007

Life is a wonderfulcoaster!

(Wrote this few months ago, but this seems to be the appropriate time to post it. And here it goes... )

I always thought my life was incomplete and something was amiss. I was always searching….searching for a purpose, a reason, perhaps to live, love or die.

I did not know that the real joy lies in holding the reins of your life in your own hands. We just revel in being swayed by the flow of the stream where it takes us and believe that is our destiny.

Not doing anything about our incompleteness and the voids that exist……we turn into these vulnerable beings; anyone can fill the voids with their truth and their lies, with real and illusions of eternal love, bonding and life.

Ignorance vanishes when knowledge arrives.
And when it does…..it takes you by a serious surprise!!!

Well, it’s important to let go, to let loose, to free all that binds you and your soul!

There will be spaces, but you must learn to fill them up quickly. It’s important to be in constant motion. We need to end the cycles that we are done with, to start new beginnings that give us bigger lessons and even greater joys.

Life is an experience and we are set out on a journey......
everything that goes by, is a means to an end.

But nah....there is no end....there is just you!!!
And you are the end!

And to all you wonderful ends.....
I wish you great beginnings, new lessons, happier times and wonderful new joys :-)

God bless:-)